Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

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Veer Make Autometic Transformer turns ratio meter - VTRM measures no-load turns ratio of transformer. It means ratio of high voltage winding to low voltage winding transformer. It is capable to test Y-Y, D-Y,D-D & Y-D can read turns ratio directly from front LCD display. It also measures and display % deviation & excitation current. VTRM has inbuilt data storage memory up to 200 test result.It can transfer all test result to computer using dedicated software & computer interface.

Key Features :

 Automatic measurement of Transformer Turn Ratio
  • Excitation Current, HV & LV Voltage, Polarity & %Deviation
  • 36 Vector Group Selection Facility (In Selected Model)
  • 3-Phase Connections enables simplel and faster testing
  • Test voltage through ON/OFF switch & LED Indication
  • Turns Ratio 1:200 / 1:2000
  • Basic Accurancy +/-0.1% Accurate measurement
  • 20 x 4 LCD to Display all Parameters in Single Screen
  • Hold Facility To Freeze Result with LED indication
  • Reverse Polarity Indication by LED & LCD
  • Over Current Protection for shorten Winding
  • 200 Test Data Storage Inbuilt (500 Optional)
  • RS 232 & USB Optional Interface with Software (Optional)
  • Portable in Size ( Table Top & Panel Mount )
  •  Applications :

  • Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers, CT PT & other Transformer manufacturers & Repairers etc.
  • Electricity Distribution & Transmission Companies to enhance their in house testing at micro level.
  • Electrical Test & Calibration Laboratories & Third Party Inspection Agencies.
  • Engineering Colleges to aware students about turn Ratio & it's measuring principles.
  • Research Institutes for research work on Transformer Fundamentals.
ModelVTRM-1VTRM-3VTRM-3 (Vector Group)
Operating Temperature5°C To 50°C
Operating Humidity20% to 80% RH (no Condensation)
Storage Temperature0°C To 55°C
Power Consumption30 VA max
Connection Type1 phaseY-Y,D-YY-Y,D-Y,Y-D,D-D
Ration Range1.0-200.0/1.0-2000.01.0-200.0/1.0-2000.01.0-2000.0
Resolution5 Digits (Up to 2000 optional)
ParametersTurns Ratio, Excitation current, HV & LV voltages, % Deviation & Reverse Polarity
Excitation Voltage55 Volt @50 Hz (Depends on Auxillary Supply)(Other Range Available on Request)
Excitation Current Range200 ma, Resolution 0.1 ma(other Range Available on Request)
Power SupplyAC 230V ± 10% @ 50Hz Or AC 110V ± 10% @ 60 Hz (on Request)
Accuracy±0.1% rdg ±0.1% rng(For Voltage & Ratio)
Size of Instrument (WxDxH) in mm376 mm X 320mm X 145mm (Over all), 332mm X 133mm (Panel Cutout Size)
Weight of Instrument5.00 kg Approx.
Warranty1 Year against manufacturing defects & Extend optional. No Warranty for accessories.