Transformer Testing Panel

Transformer Testing Panel

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  • TRMS Voltage 600V /1200V Phase,1050V / 2100V Line
  • TRMS Current 80A / 160A Direct
  • USB , RS-232 / RS-485 interface & Free Software
  • 20 X 4 LCD Display & Ultra Glow Red LED Display
  • High Speed Measurement in 0.25Sec (Optional)
  • Tamper Proof Calibration & Long term stability
  • User Friendly Operation
  • NABL certified in EQDC & ERDA
 Test to be Conduct:
  • No load Test
  • Load Test (Short Circuit Test)
  • DVDF Test
  • HV Test
Scope of Measurement:
  • Voltage (V), Current (I), Power (P), Power Factor (PF), Apparent Power (VA), Reactive Power (VAR), Mean Voltage (Vmean), Peak Voltage (Vpeak), Rectified Voltage (Vrect), Mean Current (Imean), Peak Current (Ipeak), Rectified Current (Irect), Crest Factor (cf), Form Factor (ff), Frequency (F) etc.