Toroidal Core Tester

Toroidal Core Tester

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Features :
  • Direct Measurement of Watt/kg, AT/cm & Induction
  • Tamper proof calibration
  • Small in size
  • 20 x 4 Bright LCD Display
  • Easy to use
  • Hold Facility
  • Inbuilt memory
  • Computer interface
  • Free software to generate test report
  • Modification as per customer requirement

Introduction :

VEER make Digital Iron Loss Tester VDW-2065 is portable & easy to use Instrument which is very useful to find Watt loss of Electrical Steel immediately. Internationally accepted standard method of testing is Epstein Frame method but that method needs 30mm x 305 mm size & min. 250g weight of material. Stamping, Laminations can not be tested on Epstein Frame because of size. So, we have designed a direct reading type Single Sheet Tester called Digital Iron Loss Tester VDW- 2065. It provides very fast testing of final products like Stamping, EI 8L other laminations etc.

Theory of Operation

The Probe is provided with two coils. One coil is for excitation & second one is for detection of Magnetic Flux. When we put Probe on Test Specimen, it completes magnetic path. Watt meter measures iron loss of specimen & you can see Iron Loss (Watt/kg or Watt/lb)immediately on 7 segment Red Digital Display on front panel. You can set Thickness up to 0.65mm & Induction up to 1.8 Tesla (18000 Gauss) using respective setting Knob.

Applications :
  • Toroidal core manufacturer
  • CT manufacturer
  • Dimmer manufacturer
  • Educational Institutes

Specification :


Flux Volt, RMS Amp, Peak Amp, Power, Frequency, AT/cm, Watt/kg, Flux Density (Induction in Tesla / Gauss)

Measuring Range

Voltage Range : 50V / 25V, Current Range : 5Amp / 10Amp / 15 Amp, Other range available on request


+ 0.2% FSD + 3digit for Voltage, Current & Watt, + 0.05% of reading for Frequency

Power Supply

AC 230V + 10% @ 50 Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 50VA for No Load condition

Size of Instrument ( WxDxH) in mm

425 x 350 x 225

Weight of Instrument

13 kg approx.


1 Year against manufacturing defects & Extended optional. No Warranty for accessories