Slip RPM Meter

Slip RPM Meter

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Key Features :

  • Direct Measurement of RPM, Corrected RPM, %slip, Frequency
  • Suitable for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 Pole Motors
  • Facility to Freeze/Hold the Reading
  • Rack Mountable as well as Table Top Model


VEER make Slip-Speed Meter VSS-01 is portable instrument which is very useful to find RPM, Corrected RPM, %Slip and Frequency of electric Motor. It is very simple and easy to use Instrument so, any one can operate it easily.

Theory of Operation

It measures signal from slip coil which is very weak slip signals. It amplifies it and then calculates RPM and %Slip and also calculates corrected RPM @ 50 Hz (60Hz on request). It also measures Line Frequency.


  • To measure RPM and %slip of submersible pumps at Line Frequency.
  • It can also be used in lab as well as in motor industry for Rotational Speed measurement (Optional)

Specifications :


RPM, Frequency, %Slip, Corrected RPM, Pole

Measuring Range

Slip: 1%-50%, Pole: 2,4,6,8, Frequency: Line Frequency (60 Hz on Request)


Better than +0.5%

Computer Interface

RS-232 serial interface. (Optional)

Data Transfer Rate (Baud Rate)

19200 bps

Power Supply

AC 230V + 10% @ 50Hz, 110V+ 10% @ 60Hz( on request)

Size in mm (WxDxH)

Overall 110 x 96 x 96 , Panel Cutout 96 x 96 (W x H)

Weight (Approx)

1.0 kg.


1 Year against manufacturing defects only