Motor Performance Testing Panel

Motor Performance Testing Panel

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Key Features :

  • For No Load, Full, Block Rotor, Temperature Rise Test for Induction Motor
  • Voltage, Current, Power, PF, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Frequency etc.
  • Torque in Kg-m, RPM, Corrected RPM, %Slip, direct Efficiency of Motor
  • Torque Correction as per IS : 12615
  • Change Over switches and Push buttons for easy operations
  • USB, RS-232 / RS-485 interface & Free Software
  • 500 Test Data Storage inbuilt (1000 Optional)
  • Test Change Over Switch for 1-Phase, DOL, Star-Delta Operation
Test to be conducted:
  • No Load Test
  • Block Rotor Test
  • Load Test to find Torque & Efficiency of Motor
  • Reduced Voltage Test
  • Temperature Rise Test
Scope of Measurement:
  • Power Parameter Measurement
  • Voltage (V), Current (I), Power (P), Power Factor (PF), Apparent Power (VA), Reactive Power (VAR), Frequency (F) etc.
  • Physical Parameter Measurement
  • Torque (Kgm), Output Power (Po), Efficiency of Motor, RPM, CRPM, % Slip etc.