Insulation Tester

Insulation Tester

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Key Features :

  • kV Meter for High Voltage Indication
  • mA Meter for leakage Current Indication
  • Timer to set Testing Time
  • Variable Test Voltage Setting Knob
  • Over Current Protection
  • Fuse Protection
  • Switch For Test ON/OFF
  • Visual Indication for High Voltage ON
  • Dimmer Zero Limit Switch
  • High Glow LED Display
  • Compact & Simple to Operate

Application :

  • Transformer, Motor, Pump, Generator manufactured & Repairers
  • Ceramics, Porcelain, Mica Manufacture & Electrical Engineering Industries
  • Electronics Equipments, Electrical Appliances Manufacturer, Repairers & Maintenance Workshops
  • Electrical / Electronics Department, Electrical Laboratories etc. of Educational Institutes

Introduction :

VEER Make High Voltage Tester VHT is Specially designed to test Dielectric Strength of Device under Test as per applicable standards. High Voltage Test is required to determine whether an insulating part has short or not. High voltage test is carried out as Routine Test. Each device is subjected to test at high voltage of 1 W + 2 x (working voltage). If Insulation is weak then device will consume more power because of leakage current which causes more heat. Heat will reduce the reliability and overall life of device under test. It is also responsible for high risk and electric shock.

Theory of Operation

High Voltage terminal of HV Tester is connected to the Conductor (Device under Test) and Earth Terminal should be connected to safety ground (Earth ground). If the insulation between the two is adequate, then the application of a large voltage difference between the two conductors separated by the insulator would result in the flow of a very small current. Although this small current is acceptable, no breakdown of either the air insulation or the solid insulation should take place. If device under test draws more current than preset value then tripping will be occurred and test will be off. In this way we can find problem in the insulation of device under test.

Specification :

Input Voltage

AC 230V + 10% @ 50 Hz or AC 110V + 10% @ 60 Hz (on request)

Output Voltage

3kV / 5kV / 10kV / 15kV / 30kV / 50kV / 70kV / 100 kV AC (Other on request)


2% on FSD

Tripping Current Range

25mA / 50mA / 75mA / 100mA - Using Selector Switch (Other on request)

Power Consumption

Less than 500 VA approx. (For 5 kV Model)

Size of Instrument (W x D x H)

405mm X 315 mm X 250 mm approx. (for 5 kV Model)

Weight of Instrument

18 Kg approx (For 5 kV Model)


1 Year against manufacturing defects & Extended optional. No warranty for accessories.