Digital Toroidal Core Tester

Digital Toroidal Core Tester

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Features :

  • Direct Measurement of Core Less (Watt/Kg)
  • Measurement of Magnetizing Force (At/cm)
  • Table Top Model
  • 20 x 4 Bright LCD Display
  • Tamper Proof Calibration
  • Hold facility to freeze all measurement
  • Inbuilt Data Storage facility
  • Computer Interface facility
  • Free software to generate test report
  • Easy to use

Applications :

  • To measure Quality of Toroidal cores of different materials like CRGO, Nano Crystalline, Amorphous etc.
  • Useful for Toroidal core, Dimmer 8L CT Manufacturers & Users.
  • Useful for Research & Educational Institutes in Electrical & Metallurgical Department.


VEER make Toroidal Core Tester VCT is portable 81 easy to use Instrument. It is very useful to measure AC magnetic properties of Electrical steel like AT/cm, Watt/kg, Flux Density (Induction in Tesla / Gauss) etc of Toroidal cores of different grade and size. We provide Free Computer software along with VCT. We provide Software to Generate Test Report in Excel file. You can also plot B/H Graph.

Theory of Operation

There are two windings primary and secondary, which have same number of turns. After calculating core Area of Toroidal Core we can test it using this Instrument by applying respected test Voltage as required for different Induction. We are measuring Current of Primary winding & Voltage from secondary winding to find Losses, Induction & Magnetizing Force of Toroidal Core.

Specification :


Flux Volt, RMS Amp, Peak Amp, Power, Frequency, AT/cm, Watt/kg, Flux Density (Induction in Tesla / Gauss)

Voltage Range

5V / 30V / 60V / 150V (Other range available on request)

1Amp / 5 Amp / 10 Amp / 15 amp (Other range available on request)


+ 0.2% FSD + 3digit for Voltage, Current & Watt, + 0.05% of reading for Frequency

Power Supply

AC 230V + 110% @ 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 50VA for No Load condition

Size of Instrument ( WxDxH) in mm

485 mm X 410 mm X 195 mm approx

Weight of Instrument

13 kg approx.


1 Year against manufacturing defects & Extended optional. No Warranty for accessories